Sika® Unitherm® Platinum

Solvent-free, ultra high build, 2-pack, modified epoxy based intumescent fire protection coating for internally or externally exposed structural steel

Sika® Unitherm® Platinum is a solvent-free, 100 % solids, 2-pack, modified epoxy based intumescent fire protection coating for internally or externally exposed structural steel, where it provides highest durability and combined corrosion protection (up to ISO 12944, corrosivity category C5) and fire protection (up to R90). It is easily applied with standard airless spray equipment, requires no reinforcement, cures rapidly to a very tough and damage resistant finish, ready for handling and transport at the next day. Solvent-free according to Protective Coatings Directive of German Paint Industry Association (VdL-RL 04).

  • Solvent-free, 100 % solids
  • Low odour and zero flash risk
  • Halogen-free
  • Easy application with single-leg spray equipment
  • Can be applied in 1-coat for up to 4 mm dry film thickness, no additional reinforcement required at any time
  • Application directly on blast cleaned steel surfaces
  • Rapid cure - next day handling and transport
  • Very tough - minimal handling damage and touch-up costs
  • Highly resistant to mechanical impact and damage in service
  • Suitable for small sections and complex steel sections
  • Very good cosmetic appearance
  • Durable for a long service life
  • Expected life cycle > 25 years
  • Meets Type X classification (i.e. exterior conditions), no primer and top coat needed
  • Excellent corrosion protection properties according to ISO 12944, corrosivity class C5 (as coating system)
  • Complies with the quality requirements (level 3) of DGNB