Our world is constantly changing and facing numerous challenges unparalleled in history. Sika is here to challenge the status quo and make a positive difference for all of us. We always look beyond the immediate scope. Seeing the bigger picture of global megatrends such as climate change and urbanization, we strive to find sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on the environment today and for generations to come. That’s how we build trust: by always delivering more than expected.

Setting New Standards

Innovation: Research and development providing breakthrough solutions

Sika provides the most advanced technologies, made possible by our relentless pursuit of breakthrough innovations. In 21 Global Technology Centers worldwide, Sika employs more than 1,200 R&D experts who collaborate closely with customers to find the best solutions for their projects.

Since 2015, we have filed more than 500 new patents and registered more than 600 innovation disclosures. We focus our Research & Development activities on generating long-term customer benefits in line with sustainability principles. That’s why we are continuously developing technologies to mitigate climate change and advance the circular economy.

Today, Sika is leading the industry by pioneering a comprehensive portfolio of customer-focused solutions, combining both higher performance and improved sustainability.

Laboratory with Research & Development (R&D) employees

Sustainability: Innovations reducing the environmental impact of construction

Sustainability is a pillar of Sika’s growth strategy and a clear focus in our product development. We are committed to reducing the impact of global warming with our technologies, products, and services, especially since climate change and the growing population require cleaner, more energy-efficient cities.

Our solutions are designed to enable constructions that fully respect global and local sustainability standards, improve the environmental characteristics of buildings, and provide residents with the utmost in comfort.

From optimizing energy and material efficiency to reducing waste and CO2 emissions, we develop innovative ways to make buildings more sustainable, extend their life cycle, and advance the circular economy. This turns cities into more attractive living environments for all of us, today and tomorrow.

Woman with a city in the background, with green park, green roofs and high-rise buildings

Durability: High-quality solutions for generations to come

Ever since its foundation in 1910, the name Sika has stood for durability. Specifically, the company has made a notable contribution to the development of admixtures and additives that have made concrete a durable solution over the last 100 years and continue to do so today.

The stronger and denser the concrete, the greater its resistance to outside stressors. Therefore, low water content and modified binder composition are the critical factors in making high-performance concrete durable.

With its innovative concrete additives and waterproofing solutions, Sika enables concrete constructions with a long service life without significant maintenance. This keeps life cycle costs low while enhancing safety and sustainability.

Man with a train tunnel in the background

Water savings: Making concrete stronger and more sustainable

For Sika, reducing the consumption of resources, both in manufacturing its products and for its users, has the highest priority. We are constantly striving to increase sustainability and improve material efficiency. Thanks to Sika’s concrete water-reducers, more than 6 billion liters of water are saved annually in concrete production.

Our superplasticizers reduce the amount of water in concrete by up to 40% while maintaining the high strength required in, for example, high-rise construction. This improves sustainability by allowing for thinner walls, material savings, and maximized floor space, without compromising on durability and safety even when faced with high winds, seismic events, or corrosive environmental conditions.

With a new generation of bio-based superplasticizers, Sika makes concrete water-saving even more environmentally friendly and continues its ground-breaking contributions to more resource-friendly construction.

Woman with a city of high-rise buildings in the background

Concrete Performance and Versatility

Due to its unmatched versatility, concrete is by far the most widely used construction material in the world. Sika develops and markets a complete range of admixtures and additives for concrete, cement, and mortar production.

These products enhance specific properties of the fresh and hardened concrete, such as workability, watertightness, durability, or early and final strength. For demanding high-rise construction in densely populated urban areas, for instance, they guarantee high-strength concrete that requires less water, stays transportable for longer, can be pumped several hundred meters vertically, cures quickly after pouring, and has high compressive strength. And all that while ensuring maximum durability and safety.

Woman with concrete office building in the background

Waterproofing Systems

Every day, buildings are exposed to intense fluctuations in moisture levels and temperatures, contributing to their deterioration. We provide long-lasting systems to waterproof and protect structures. As a matter of fact, waterproofing is where it all started for Sika in 1910.

We have pioneered many new technologies and applications over the years and today offer the full range of technologies used for below and above-ground waterproofing. For example, our innovative additives for watertight concrete, combined with high-performance waterproof joint solutions, ensure long-lasting protection from water ingress that can cause expensive and irreversible damage.

Sika’s waterproofing systems work with robust and easy-to-install products and enable sustainable solutions with low overall costs.

Man and woman with building in the background

Roofing Solutions

With more than 55 years of roofing experience in locations all over the world, Sika has demonstrated a very reliable, sustainable, and long-lasting performance. We provide a full range of flat roofing systems, incorporating flexible sheet and liquid-applied membranes.

Today, there is an ever-increasing demand for eco-friendly, energy-efficient roofing solutions. Sika’s world leading systems for green roofs improve air quality and reduce temperatures in cities. They also lower energy costs by absorbing heat, which significantly reduces the need for air conditioning in summer and provides additional insulation in winter.

All this makes them a more sustainable solution with unique advantages, from storm-water retention and effective sound insulation to increased biodiversity and pleasant esthetics.

Green roofs among high-rise buildings with woman in front

Facade Systems and Tiling

Urbanization, the need for thermally insulated buildings, and sustainable solutions, combined with an increasing demand for home improvements, require state-of-the-art building finishing solutions.

Sika provides one of the most comprehensive product portfolios encompassing, for example, tile adhesives and grouts, systems for under-tile waterproofing and sound reduction, renders and decorative finishes, and facade thermal insulation systems.

Our innovative facade mortars, for instance, make facades resilient against climatic conditions and thereby ensure longevity. On the inside, Sika’s decorative interior finishing solutions extend the beauty of the facade into the interior. For wet areas such as bathrooms or shower facilities, we provide a full range of solutions that enable functional and esthetic design.

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Flooring Solutions

Sika provides liquid applied floor finishes and cementitious underlayments to protect, prepare, upgrade, and finalize floor surfaces. Our full range of seamless flooring solutions meets the highest requirements for both industrial and decorative floor systems.

The high volume of building alteration and conversion projects nowadays has boosted the importance of efficient solutions, such as fast curing flooring products for the refurbishment of existing flooring systems.

Sika technologies allow quick and easy application, keeping downtime to a minimum and ensuring that the floor is usable again in record time. This guarantees a fast return on investment while reducing life cycle costs due to highly wear-resistant flooring with a durable finish.

Man with a parking garage in the background

Sealing and Bonding

Where are constructions most vulnerable to water ingress? At the joints. Only correctly specified and professionally applied high-quality joint sealants will manage to keep buildings and structures sustainably tight during the entire lifespan.

Sika offers a wide range of sealing and bonding technologies. Typical applications include the sealing of movement joints between facade elements to make buildings weatherproof, the bonding of wood floors to reduce noise, the sealing of joints in airport aprons, and fire stopping.

High-performance sealants contribute significantly to the overall durability and sustainability of buildings. Excellent insulation enables efficient thermal management, reducing the energy consumption for heating and cooling and the overall building’s maintenance costs.

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Building and Infrastructure Refurbishment

Sika has developed fundamental procedures and pioneering products for the restoration, repair, and protection of decaying and damaged concrete. In a time where resource scarcity and economic costs have become a driving factor for decision-making in the construction industry, Sika aims to excel in the main sustainability drivers. Our comprehensive refurbishment solutions prolong the lifetime and increase the safety of buildings and infrastructures.

Refurbishment adds protection from corrosion and, if required, maintains the original look and feel. This enables an esthetical, sustainable, and economically beneficial restoration. By reducing material flows and refurbishment frequency, we keep life cycle costs and the environmental impact to a low level.

Motorway viaduct in a green area with hills and Sika Man in front

Adhesive Systems for the Wind Energy Industry

Sika’s high-strength wind blade bonding adhesives exhibit extraordinary toughness and crack resistance, allowing for the production of larger blades that can bend to a higher degree. Long blade service life is ensured even when installed in the harshest conditions. For offshore wind farms where turbines are subject to the most powerful winds, Sika even created a specific product range to overcome the challenges of the harsher marine climate. But even the toughest wind turbines need regular maintenance and repair.

Sika provides solutions that meet the highest standards to execute a clean and neat repair in less than an hour. This level of technology is a testament to 25 years of partnerships with the world’s leading wind turbine producers – as well as Sika’s courage for innovation.

Wind Turbines over the hills with a man in front