We are excited to introduce our latest Sika® CarboDur® FRP Design Software based on the American Standard ACI 440.2 which serves as a guide for the design and construction of externally bonded FRP systems for strengthening concrete structures.


  • Fully compliant with latest international guidelines
  • Fully transparent calculation
  • Comprehensive design approach
  • Intuitive usage
  • Automatic updates
  • Free of cost

Have a look at our calculation example of Sika® CarboDur® FRP Design Software:


Please, read carefully before you download the software:

This software application and the results derived from its utilization are intended only for use by professional users with expert knowledge in the area of the intended application. Users must independently verify the results before any use and take into account the site and application conditions, product data sheet and product literature, technical state of the art as well as local applicable standards and regulations.

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The software is free to use. After the trial period (15 days) you will be asked to complete the registration form in order to activate the software.