Davco® Super TTB (TK)

Davco Super TTB (TK) is a premium grade, flexible, thick bed tile adhesive for fixing of vitrified, porcelain, monocuttura, marble, slate and ceramic tiles. Davco Super TTB (TK) is specially formulated for installations where unevenness of the substrate or tiles requires application layers up to 30mm thick. It is ideal for installing uneven slate, tiles with deep recessed backs, large homogeneous tiles, as it allows proper contact of the adhesives to the substrate. Davco Super TTB (TK) is classified as C2S1TE when tested in accordance to BS EN 12004:2007.

  • Its high bonding performance enables secure installation of reduced porosity stones and tiles on to various substrates in both interior and exterior applications.
  • Its deformability makes it resistant to thermal shock.
  • Highly water resistant, for wet areas such as concrete swimming pools and spas.
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic and resistant to chemicals.