Davco DW 1

Davco DW 1 is a synthetic, latex based mortar additive designed for use with portland cement and sand to prepare high strength, thin set mortars. Ideal for installing ceramic tiles, marble, slate and natural stone onto concrete, cement render, rendered brickwork surfaces or over existing tiles.

Enhanced flexural strength (> 10 MPa) which increase flexibility in the bond coat thereby reduces cracking, spalling, etc particularly in installations subject to vibration.

Improved tensile and compressive strength (> 50 MPa) which permits even heavy duty installations to be set with confidence.

Better bonding strength approximately 3 times (>0.3 MPa). Good for laying marble, granites and homogeneous tiles.

Improved durability, flowability and waterproofing.

Significantly improves water & chemical resistance especially in steel reinforced concrete structures.