SikaRoof® Drainage Sheet 20

Dimpled sheet with holes for drainage of green roofs

SikaRoof® Drainage Sheet 20 is a drainage and retention sheet on base of premium grade high density polyethylene (HDPE) with dimples 20 mm high and holes for drainage. SikaRoof® Drainage Sheet 20 forms a hollow space between the structural element and the soil, providing both drainage and water retaining properties.

  • High drainage capacity
  • High water retaining capacity ~5.8 l/m²
  • High mechanical resistance (Compression resistance 150 ± 20 kN/m². Tested to ISO 25619-2)
  • Suitable for extensive and intensive green roofs
  • Resistant to all-natural aggressive mediums in ground water and soil
  • Suitable for contact with soft water (aggressive to concrete)
  • Can be installed on damp and wet substrates