Davco K10 Polyurethane Eco

Davco K10 polyurethane (PU) ECO is a flexible, water based polyurethane modified, elastomeric waterproofing membrane that is free of tar, bitumen, solvents or any hazardous substance. It is approved by the Singapore Eco labelling authority as a sustainable building material. In addition to having high elongation, Davco K10 polyurethane (PU) ECO is non-blistering and UV resistant, with fast drying characteristics. It can be applied on damp surface making it ideal for use as a concealed waterproofing system for terraces and rooftops.

  • Water based and environmentally friendly product.
  • Suitable for use in confined areas.
  • Liquid applied,no mixing required, easy to use.
  • Flexible, seamless application, high solid content with rapid curing properties.