Davco® Hydro Screed Rapidex

Davco Hydro Screed Rapidex (II) is specially formulated with a high performance cement to achieve a faster set and the work area is trafficable in less than an hour. It reduces the job downtime and shortens job lead time by allowing tiling or other subsequent finishing works to commence sooner. Davco Hydro Screed Rapidex (II) is ideal for levelling rough and uneven concrete floors. It provides an effective intergral waterproofing by forming a hydrophobic layer within the screed, preventing water from penetrating into the concrete floor. Davco Hydro Screed Rapidex (II) yields a homogeneous mortar paste that gives good workability by simply adding water and mixing with a mechanical mixer. Davco Hydro Screed Rapidex (II) is incorporated with our advanced Technology to improve air quality,
minimise mess and clean up time on site.

  • Fast setting and trafficable in less than an hour.
  • Manufactured in factory under stringent quality checks to ensure consistent quality.
  • Waterproof floor provides a continuous and permanent barrier to water.
  • Reduces job lead time and improves workers’ productivity.
  • Dust Less Technology minimises mess and improves air quality.