Namur, Belgium

The primary school Institute Notre-Dame in Namur wanted to refurbish and redecorate its existing building part located in the Lombardstraat. The color scheme plays an important role in the design of the floors, the walls, and the ceilings where the effect is emphasized by the natural light in the classrooms and hallways.  

Project Requirements

The challenge was to integrate this innovative concept into the existing building with a comfortable sound-damping floor as well as meeting other practical requirements. The floors, located on two building levels, are divided into areas such as hallways, sanitary facilities, and classrooms.

The floors have to be stable, functional, easy to maintain, and be available in a variety of color shades. The school team chose a matt look with a seamless floor surface giving the essential uniformity between several classrooms and having the top priority: being comfortable. This, together with the benefits of being sound-damping and having a range of colors and shades, has been the decision-making factor in choosing the Sika Comfortfloor® system.

Sika Solution

The Sika Comfortfloor® system was the chosen solution as it met all of these essential requirements. The installation began by grinding and vacuuming the cementitious screed and applying a layer of Sikafloor®-156 solvent-free epoxy primer followed by a scratch layer with the same epoxy primer applied the following day. After curing the high elastic resin Sikafloor®-330, solvent-free polyurethane, was applied, followed by the pigmented waterborne low VOC topcoat, Sikafloor®-305w. As a result, a smooth leveled surface was created, which is easy to maintain during everyday use.

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Project Participants

Institute Notre-Dame

Perfect Résines, Beyne – Heusay, Belgium

Sika Organization
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