Helsinki, Finland

This pilot project is part of HSL's Idealab studies, which is testing new urban transportation services. The project is run by Samocat Sharing, with 30 scooter stations and 300 scooters in Vuosaari a district in the east of the Finnish capital Helsinki.

Project Requirements

The scooter sharing station is located at a metro station with heated pathways to avoid icing in winter. As the heating cables are close to the surface common mechanical fixation was not possible. An adhesive suitable for fixing heavy objects was the solution.

Sika Solutions

The scooter sharing station had to be glued directly onto the concrete. The concrete bricks were cleaned and primed with Sika Primer®-3N. The metal base was sanded with an abrasive pad and wiped with Sika® Activator®-205. Surface preparation is the key to good adhesion.

The entire station was then bonded to the concrete using the strong but elastic adhesive Sikaflex®-118 Extreme Grab. Elastic bonding provides a strong, robust and durable fixation. Bonding is applicator and eco-friendly and contributes to sustainable development compared to mechanical fixation.

Products Used

Sika Primer®-3N
Sika® Activator®-205
Sikaflex®-118 Extreme Grab

Project Participants

Project Owner

Service Provider
Samocat Sharing

Oy Sika Finland Ab

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